Does Your Business Understand Customer Experience?

Customer experience is a subject of many a debate. With attempts to be singularly defined by numerous experts, this concept has journeyed past customer trends and has been called many things – customer satisfaction, customer relationship management, customer delight, and the like. In a nutshell, customer experience is quite simply the customer’s response to his/her interaction with a product. Forbes says that it is the “cumulative impact of multiple touch points” over the course of a customer’s interaction with an organization. Most organizations focus on maximizing a customer’s experience...

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Speech Analytics: The Key Deciding Factor for Delivering Excellent Customer Service

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, delivering exceptional customer service has become a key strategy for ensuring business growth and stability — and one way to do this is by using Speech Analytics. Speech Analytics allows enterprises to anticipate customer needs and better understand customer requirements. Speech Analytics technology enables businesses to unlock valuable insights hidden behind customer conversations with service agents. It goes beyond the content of the conversation (what they say) to analyze their intentions (what they mean) and motivations (what they want) by...

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Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything

Payroll Management has become a significant area of expertise over the years, with a rise in complex and dynamic compensation structures. The payroll function deals with all records relating to compensation and can track vital information such as employee salaries, bonuses, benefits, costs, leave and tax computations. The crux of payroll processing lies with the collection of ‘data’ – also known as Inputs – that form the very structure of the payroll system. The quality of Payroll Deliverables (Output) is directly proportionate to the quality of inputs that have been fed into the...

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