Healthcare Solutions - For Payors

Enable simpler, easier payments using cloud-based hosted solutions.

In the continually changing healthcare environment, companies have to contend with the complex demands of benefits administration, claims processing and compliance while striving to build capabilities, be agile, cost competitive and maintain customer focus. Allsec’s healthcare claims and administration BPO services are designed to resolve these issues and enhance resourcefulness.

Every solution is customized to client’s unique requirements. Allsec can leverage offshore and domestic processing centers to provide reliable, timely and accurate, document and data processing services delivery. Allsec can manage the entire document, content and data lifecycles improving access to critical documents, data and information.

Our healthcare services include:

  • Front-End / Mailroom
  • Document Imaging
  • OCR And Data Capture
  • Provider File Matching
  • Member Eligibility Matching
  • Advanced Pre-Adjudication Editing And Validation
  • Document And Transaction Content Management
  • Customized Reporting And Analytics
  • Compliance With HIPAA And Other Healthcare Regulations
  • On-Site Services

Some Of The Transactions Supported:

  • 835 - Claims Payment
  • 834 - Eligibility
  • 837 - Claim submission
  • 5010 - Claim Submission
  • 276 - Claims Status Request
  • 277 - Claims Status Response
  • 278 - Precertification and referral
  • 997 - Functional Acknowledgement
  • Proprietary Formats
  • ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice)