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Welcome to the Careers Page. You can now upload your profile against a specific job or be open for future opportunities. Click on the Apply button below the Job description on the search result for a job specific application or submit your profile on the Join Allsec page for future opportunities.

Our Focus — People & Culture

Allsec’s brand is built around a core of expertise, meritocracy and continuous improvement. The spirit of enhancement among our people and an organizational commitment to continuous personal and professional development keeps us at the forefront in this fast-changing and demanding industry.

Allsec’s well-structured recruitment process attracts a large number of talented young people from the resource pool available in India and the Philippines. Being recognized as an Employer of Choice in this industry, it reinforces our resolve to attract, retain and nurture talent of our Human Capital through our Employee-centric work culture. We manage motivation and retention through a highly structured career path, cross-functional opportunities and performance-oriented incentives.

Allsec's recruitment process ensures that we employ only the "best-of-breed" candidates by looking for the following qualities:

Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Basic PC skills

A high degree of initiative to perform a quality job

Be true team players brimming with team spirit


Have a passion for excellence


Career Development

Allsec is committed towards enhancing the skills and competencies of our employees and grooming them as our future Leaders. We provide powerful career development opportunities and a supportive environment to foster Career Growth. To proactively manage this, every individual, Strengths and Gaps are identified at the nascent stage of their Career through an Assessment Centre that helps in drawing a career plan for both vertical and lateral growth. Boasting of a world-class work environment with an open and broad-minded work culture, Allsec provides a holistic compensation structure where – apart from a fixed salary – employees can look forward to a highly rewarding performance-based incentive plan. We build lasting relationships internally as well and all our employees stand testimony to that fact.


Allsec provides three-tiered induction cum training program that equips all agents with the skills, knowledge and ability to deliver effectively and consistently for its global clients. Allsec has a highly skilled training team that trains call center representatives on all the projects that are currently being handled. First, the trainers evaluate every representative's initial aptitude level to create a point of reference. This evaluation is used to plan the key focus areas for each individual. Frequent evaluations are conducted at the beginning of the training to ensure consistency and reliability using constructive and creative feedback sessions that proactively engage the representative to deliver excellent results from the first touch. Constant And Never-ending Improvement (CANI) is the Allsec desire for our valued clients.

Competency Creation

Allsec's representatives are immersed in highly specialized training that will ultimately add to the representative's competencies and equip them to compete on a global level. Allsec's goal is to impart significant and reliable knowledge of American, British and Australian mores. We believe our highly skilled representatives are some of the best in the world and our delivery scores reflect this on a regular basis.

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